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Software and consulting solutions which help mid-stream oil and gas companies streamline their trading, operations, and accounting processes, enabling them to focus on growth and profitability
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Energy trade and risk management solutions for mid-stream oil and gas

Check out our suite of back office, trading and risk management solutions below
Business Process Outsourcing
Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service offers great benefits for small to mid-size energy companies and start-ups operating in the oil, natural gas, and water markets. You may lack the resources or expertise in-house to handle tasks related to allocations, settlements, scheduling, trade capture, and other administration processes. By outsourcing these processes to Trilogy, you can improve your operational efficiency, reduce costs, and focus on your core business functions. BPO also provides access to advanced technology and industry expertise, enabling you to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving energy market.
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TIES Connect is an Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) system designed for energy companies to effectively manage their trading operations and mitigate risks associated with energy trading activities. TIES provides functionality for capturing and tracking trades, managing risk exposure, optimizing trading portfolios, facilitating settlement and accounting processes, ensuring regulatory compliance, and offering robust reporting and analytics capabilities. TIES can help streamline and automate various aspects of energy trading, enabling companies to make informed decisions, optimize performance, and navigate the complexities of the energy market.
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Data Catalog
Unlock the value of your data, and provide a 360 degree view of your organization's digital data assets
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Leverage the power of TIES Connect to programmatically extract data in real-time and power your Business Intelligence tools
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We have you covered

Our energy software solutions and Business Process Outsourcing services are used by producers, gatherers, processors, and marketers around the world
Producer / Producer Services
Automate the calculation of complex processing options for data such as price, quality, and volume being fed directly into the TIES ETRM
Gatherer Transporter
Accurate measurement and balancing of gas volumes are critical for gatherers and transporters, and our TIES ETRM system can integrate with measurement systems, such as gas flow meters, and automate the capture and validation of measurement data
Natural Gas Processor
Effective inventory management is crucial for natural gas processors, and TIES can provide real-time visibility into inventory levels, both for raw materials and finished products
Marketing Trading
View all your positions in real-time on a single window that allows you to move volumes around saving you hours and sometimes days by providing you quick results in real-time
Many legacy ETRM solutions were not designed for the cloud and require significant upfront investment and costly ongoing maintenance.  These legacy systems also suffer from closed architecture, technological stagnation, and limited scalability. However, a new era of ETRM has arrived.
Trilogy Energy Solutions offers a modern, cloud-first architecture that is secure and lightweight.  Our platforms and services are event driven, open and agnostic and built for scale. Our front-end interfaces are minimalist in nature and designed to simplify the user experience, hiding the complexity of more traditional products.
For those customers that prefer to work a little closer to the metal, we offer various APIs, including streaming, REST, and various file formats like JSON, XML, XLSX, and CSV.
Our TIES ETRM solution is tailored to the needs of Producer Services, Gatherers and Transporters, Marketers and Traders and Natural Gas Processors.  If you find yourself uncertain about your supply and demand during bid week, unsure if you’re properly  hedged, or worried about managing contracts and marketing decks across multiple spreadsheets and outdated systems, TIES can help. We offer transparent and flexible SaaS-based pricing, and our experienced Professional Services team is ready to assist with training, conversion and migration.
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What our users say

Rave reviews from our customers
Treasury is now responding in real time
"For the first time we know how much cash to expect on which days and which receivables to immediately investigate. Treasury now has a better handle on daily working capital requirements so they don’t over-borrow"

Chief Financial Offer - Mid-stream Natural Gas
Krist D.
CFO - Oil & Energy
The TIES audit trail proves invaluable
"We found a $700,000 error after migrating from shared spreadsheets to the TIES ETRM solution"

Mid-stream Executive
Krist D.
Trader - Oil & Energy
Unused capacity is no longer a mystery
"We're trading pipeline capacity across international borders and due to currency conversion and multiple sources of utilization information, we were leaving money on the table because we didn’t know exactly how much unused capacity we had to fill or sell"

Head of Trading - Mid-stream Natural Gas
Krist D.
Trader - Oil & Energy